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LiectrouxSA, just to let you know, I received my ZK901 robot. Already impressed. Let it clean far from base, 3 rooms away. Went back easily!!!! It is incredible. Best buy ever. I named it Dusty

J Snyman

It is definitely a difficult decision, there are so many on the market, ranging from cheap to very expensive. But I’m really glad I went with the ZK901. I love it. Easy to use.


I purchased a C30B robot vacuum for my house. I set timers for the days of the week and it goes. I love it. Ideally one upstairs and one downstairs – eventually


I have three short haired dogs and tile and carpet floors. The extra help managing their fur is appreciated. My wife and daughter have long hair and gets tangled around the brushes. I have to clean it off of the brushes about once a month, but it’s easy. It runs long enough to clean my […]

Rajin Naidu

Craig, I’m so pleased that my robot came in only one day. It was easy to set up. Got it going within minutes. It’s amazing what it picks up. I named her Spottie