Uses a gyroscope 2D ESLAM mapping navigation technology enabling the B6009 to plot a course for cleaning and then remembering where it's been, and not. This results in high cleaning efficiency with low repetition and high sweeping coverage.
It cleans by following a regular zigzag path as apposed to random cleaning, thereby consuming less time and energy.

When the navigation intelligence is combined with the adjustable vacuum strength, aided by two side brushes, a specialised v-shaped centre brush, UV sterilisation, mopping functions, and a market leading 1L dustbin capacity, the B6009 truly becomes a leader in its class.

It will automatically return to its charging station to re-charge when it detects a low battery. 

A virtual barrier (included) can be used to prevent the robot from entering unwanted areas.

This highly durable, modular unit can be fully maintained by the end-user. 

Distinguishing features:

  • A extra large dustbin capacity of 1000ml
  • Shipped with a virtual blocker
  • UV sterilisation
  • Highly intelligent algorithms requiring virtually no intervention 
  • On-board, IR remote and application control
  • Two guide side brushes and a special v-shaped centre brush
  • Suitable for a home around 150m2 floor size
  • Strong and adjustable suction
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iOS and Android compatible application enabling easy control and tracking information via WiFi.

Also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The current cleaning mode, position, cleaning path and cleaning log are all available at a glance.

The cleaning mode, suction strength and cleaning schedule are only some of the easily configurable parameters available via the application.

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The LIECTROUX B6009 robot has powerful features which include its extremely intelligent navigation. The ability to scan the area and produce a 2D map of the working area and then working according to the pre-set plan. 

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Sensory Loadout

The sensor profile include mechanical front and side bumper sensors, IR proximity and elevation sensors, gyroscope, IR base search sensors, drive wheel rotation sensors.


Automatically returns and docs on the charging station when the battery runs too low.

3D air filtration preventing exhausting air from returning to the atmosphere

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The standard suction mode is ideal for flooring. For carpeting or fleecy surfaces, the turbo suction mode can be used.

The B6009 can then simply be fitted with a wet or dry mop to add that additional cleaning functionality your looking for.

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