A truly remarkable single side, multi surface cleaning robot. It is designed to clean virtually any windows or surface angle at more than 30degrees. Especially hard to reach windows, or where the position or height poses a safety risk to humans.

The robot uses a high-speed vacuum motor to keep it steadily stuck to surfaces like glass or even walls. The 2 patented high-friction and anti-slip silicone belts enable the robot to move around freely on these surfaces.

The fiber mopping clothes are specially designed for the best cleaning results and can easily be taken off for washing and reuse.

The WS-1080 is equipped with laser sensors used to detect the surface edges. It can even work on frameless glass. Pressure sensors monitor the vacuum status in real time.

By pressing a single button, the robot intelligently schedules the most effective cleaning route, detects the window edges and automatically cleans the whole window. The user can also manually control the robot using the remote controller.

As safety measures, the WS-1080 is equipped with a built in UPS (power backup) in case of power loss. It is also recommended to use the tethering system as an added safety measure.

Distinguishing features:

  • App control (bluetooth), or long range remote. One-click start.
  • Built in backup battery (UPS)
  • Works on frameless windows
  • Uses gyroscope navigation
  • Intelligent wiping and cleaning without marks.
  • Can be applied to a variety of complex environments.
  • Ultra low noise. Making it appropriate for office use
  • Permissible surface roughness of up to 1.5mm





Super thin machine body and highly maneuverable. With a body height of less than 10cm, it can work between double glazed glass where the gap is more than 12cm.




The guide wheel's design enables 360° rotation for smooth operation

The suction power used to attach to the surface is strong enough to carry 7.5kg of weight!

Three adjustable operation modes or cleaning patterns are available. The N and Z modes are suited to horizontal and vertical surfaces, respectively. By default, a combination of N and Z is used called Auto Mode.


The WS-1080 is shipped with a 2.5m power cord extension. The connector to the robot is secured using a L-shaped screw locked power plug.

A tethering cord and suction cup is included in the box. Using the cord is recommended, especially when cleaning outside windows where people may be standing below.


Having areas cleaned which are out of reach is no problem.

The WS-1080 can be fully operated via an Apple or Android device, or the included remote control. It is really easy to set up and use. For convenience, the remote has a 15m operating range.


The mops are patented multi-layered fabric. Highly durable and effective at specifically cleaning glass surfaces. These are washable and re-usable


What's in the box