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As dust, dirt and hair tends to collect in gaps and crevasses, it is essential that the vacuum strength is adequate and also, that the side brushes are designed to lift out that dirt.




The bag-less double HEPA filtration prevents secondary dust leaving the dust bin. The 11S is also equipped with a large 0.6l bin size. The bin is very easy to access and clean.

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A simple attachment turns the 11S into a wet or dry mop. The water tank capacity is 0.35l and the water flow is electronically controlled.

The mop can be used to also wipe the floor while vacuuming to achieve a thorough surface clean.

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German designed 2D navigation and ESLAM algorithm renders a remarkably high precision cleaning and navigation capability. It is also able to keep track of where it has cleaned, to not have to continuously cover the same area. 

The 11S has inter-changeable vacuum and mopping functionality which is really easy to do. The 11S will automatically detect the change and adapt where necessary.

Operating the 11S is as simple as pressing the button. This will initiate the auto cleaning function. When it detects that the battery is running low, it will automatically return to the charging station and dock itself.

A virtual barrier (included) can be used to prevent the robot from entering unwanted areas or simply to avoid

This highly durable, modular unit can be fully maintained by the end-user. 

Distinguishing features:

  • 2D ESLAM navigation for getting to all the areas quickly and intelligently.
  • Operates via simply pressing the button, remote or using the wifi application.
  • Has variable suction settings, different cleaning modes and wet/dry mopping function
  • Intelligent partitioning capability.
  • Extra flat at 7.8cm to get in under your furniture so you don't have to.
  • Large dustbin at 0.6l and water tank capacity of 0.35l
  • Two guide side brushes. No centre brush
  • Can automatically detect when it's stuck or tangled and the perform maneuvers to free itself.
  • Has voice prompt functionality
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All operational functionality is achievable via the remote, which is included in the box. Similarly, all functionality and control is also possible via the wifi application. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android.

The 11S will automatically develop a map according to which it cleans. You can track this via the wifi application, including parameters like cleaning duration and where it has actually been.


2D Map Navigation
2D Map Navigation
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